Northampton Has a New Lifeline

It’s widely known that people suffering from mental health issues in the UK struggle to find long-term professional support. It’s easy to blame the NHS, but public mental health services aren’t funded enough to provide instant and long term counselling of a high quality.

I, like many young women, could have done with some affordable therapy when I was in my teens. I was a hard worker and my teachers pushed me to get good grades at A Level. Unfortunately, I overworked myself and, to add to a history of being bullied, I ended up with severe General Anxiety Disorder. Five years earlier, I had also been attacked yards from my home.

Such an experience can set the stage for complex mental health issues to develop. Even if my GP hadn’t refused my requests for support, I wasn’t convinced that 6 weeks of NHS CBT counselling was going to work through my trauma. I was after psychodynamic counselling, which is a type of talking therapy that digs deep into your unconscious and your past.

For £50 an hour, my family managed to get me a few sessions with a counsellor in a nearby village. She had a counselling room set up in her garden shed, and it all seemed a bit casual. I wanted to be seen by an expert, ideally in a counselling centre or room, and for a price that could keep me in therapy a bit longer. Mostly, I wanted my issues to be taken seriously.

Thankfully, this experience motivated me to grow The Well Being Therapy Centre; an agency with four teams of highly qualified counsellors, who provide long-term and low cost professional support. We have a brand-new centre on Spencer Parade in Northampton, and are now the leading local provider of private counselling in the area.

I think people have taken to us because we made getting an appointment as easy as booking a restaurant table. Anyone can go online at any hour, select their first appointment, and make a card payment of £35 (£20 for benefit claimants); no phone calls, booking fees or lengthy forms necessary.

For people that seek urgent help, and don’t have lots of money, I think this service could be a real lifeline. I want to be able to reach locals, to let everyone know that we are here if they need us. If you, or someone you know, are finding life difficult, visit

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