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Northampton Counselling Prices

In Northampton, our team of counsellors are willing to support locals who don’t earn London wages, and therefore can’t pay London prices for instant, quality counselling. We have found that very few local counsellors are charging less than £40 per session, which means that our Northampton counselling prices are uniquely affordable.

The average gross weekly income of Great Britain is 9.4% higher than that of a Northampton resident (according to the ONS annual survey), which means there is a great need for low cost counselling in the area.

Counselling Sessions

A counselling session with us costs just £35.00* per session.

The session lasts around 50 minutes, and takes place at one of our locations across Northampton.

*Your counsellor will guarantee to keep this fee at this rate for a minimum of 6 months

Concessionary Rates

The Well Being Therapy Centre provides some limited counselling sessions to Northampton residents, at the concessionary rate of £20.00 per session for individuals on benefits.

This rate is available for people who are not in receipt of an income other than the above mentioned benefits. If you are in receipt of benefits to supplement an existing income you would not qualify for the concessionary rate.

For more information on our concessionary rate counselling sessions, please get in touch.

Couples Counselling

We can provide couples / relationship counselling at £55.00 per session.

Our couples counsellors are specially trained to work with you if you are struggling with your relationship, regardless of whether you are heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual or transgender.

We also offer family therapy at the same price as couples therapy if you feel it’s the whole family which needs support.

Corporate Rates

The Well Being Therapy Centre can offer counselling sessions for your staff, either at the premises of the company or at the usual practice addresses of our counsellors. 50 minute sessions cost £50 and we would require a further £10 callout fee if you wish to have counselling on your premises. The cost of the session includes both the counselling and an agency fee to cover our management of financial administration.  You will see an excellent return on your investment, because you will have access to a choice of counsellors and a variety of availability, all arranged in your sole contact with us. We can also request your monthly invoice for all sessions in one document.

Furthermore, this rate is negotiable if you wish to arrange a contract for a minimum of eight weeks with a minimum of five clients.

For more information, please get in touch.