Booking Queries

Urgent booking questions

1. I am late / have lost the address for my session; who do I contact?

Always contact your counsellor by telephone, as they may not have access to their emails at the counselling venue. If youu2019re just late, leaving a voice message or a text is fine. If you mistake us for another service, such asu00a0Bromley Wellbeing, we advise that you search for their correct contact details on Google.

2. I have paid for a session 24+ hours ago, but I have not heard from my counsellor. Is the session going ahead?

Your counsellor will always try to reach you before your session, but may have a problem with the contact details you have provided. Please go to Change My Contact Details and select “I am updating my details because: I have not heard from my counsellor.” We will then get in touch with your counsellor to notify them.

Common Questions

3. How do I make an online booking for my first session?

Select Find a Counsellor tab and click/tap on your preferred location for counselling. On the new page, click/tap on the calendar date you would like your first session on. Decide which counsellor you would like and click/tap on view availability under their name. Choose an appointment time and click/tap continue. A form will appear asking you for your contact details. Fill this in and click/tap continue. On the new page, fill in your card details (scroll down for this on mobile) and click/tap on process payment. That’s it!

4. How do I book couples, child or concessionary rate counselling?

You can still make a booking via our online calendar. Our booking form will guide parents or couples to successfully reserve an appointment. Concessionary rates only apply to your second session onward, which your counsellor will arrange directly with you. The first session is always standard rate and can be booked online. Please mention that you are on benefits in the description field so the counsellor is aware. You will be asked to bring proof of your benefits to your first session.

5. How do I go about picking the right counsellor for me?

We recommend that your read the profiles of our counsellors (select your area under the locations tab scroll down and select meet the team; for full-screen view on small windows devices, press fn + f11). All our counsellors are trained to deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, bereavement, stress and relationship issues. If your issue requires more specialist training, please read the counsellor profiles carefully to find the best counsellor for you.

6. I don’t own a debit or credit card. Does this mean I can’t book a counsellor?

Yes, our system is only set up for debit or credit card owners.

7. After I book my first appointment online, can I book future sessions online?

The Well Being Therapy Centre only takes first session bookings. Your counsellor will arrange future sessions with you, and will inform you how they wish to be paid.

8. Is this a free NHS service?

We are an agency with a team of counsellors in private practice. To view our prices, hover over the locations tab for your area home page, scroll down and select counselling prices.

9. Can I choose my counsellor according to their gender, orientation or racial background?

We are proud to have diverse teams, both in terms of background and training orientation. It can be helpful to have a counsellor who you feel could understand you, and our online booking system allows you to select whoever you like without judgement. However, we would turn down requests based on prejudice (such as a verbalised insistence to see a white counsellor only).

10. If I cancel my first session, am I entitled to a refund?

If you give your counsellor 48 hours notice in writing, then we will issue you a refund. Should a client fail to attend their second counselling session with less than 48 hours notice, The Well Being Therapy Centre reserves the right to debit the client’s card the cost of a counselling session. For following sessions, refunds and notice periods will depend on your counsellor’s independent refund policy.

11. How long is the session and what should I bring?

Sessions typically last 50 minutes, but some counsellors spend longer with you on your first session. They will advise you if this is the case. You don’t need to bring anything to your first session if you have already paid in advance. Counsellors usually expect payment in cash for your second session.

12. How much does counselling cost?

To find out prices for counselling, including individual, couple/family, corporate and concessionary rates, please visit the homepage: . Scroll down to the middle of the page and select your location. A new page will load; again scroll down to the middle and select Counselling Prices.

13. How regular are counselling sessions?

For effective therapy to take place, most counsellors see their clients on a weekly basis. Occasionally counsellors will agree to an alternative arrangement, but this isn’t ideal for the process and we cannot guarantee that your therapist would agree.

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