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Our policy at The Well Being Therapy Centre is to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and to abide by the strictest Code of Ethics as set out by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, of which we are both members.

Information passed on to us by a client is never disclosed to anyone without that client’s permission except where disclosure becomes a legal requirement. This may be when the client or someone else is considered to be at high risk of harm, and in particular where to withhold information from the police would be considered an offence in terms of the Children Act, the Drug Trafficking Act, Terrorism Act or the Road Traffic Act. In addition, if a counsellor’s notes are subpoenaed by a court, they cannot remain confidential, so we strongly advise anyone facing court proceedings not to seek counselling until after the proceedings have ended.

The notes which a counsellor keeps are a brief summary of each session to help her remember the details of a client’s case. They are kept extremely safe and contain no names, only a code number to identify the client by. They are never shown to anyone else; however, a client may request a copy if s/he wishes.

We do ask all our clients for the name and address of their GP so that we may liaise with the GP if we have any major concerns. In doing so we would only describe the client’s state of health and not reveal information the client has given us beyond that. Where possible we would inform the client of our intention to contact the GP and why. We also inform the client’s GP that treatment has begun and ended, so that the GP can be aware of the treatment one of his/her patients is having and the reasons for it.