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‘I was very nervous about getting counselling, but I spoke to a very friendly receptionist who helped me find the right counsellor for me, and reassured me that I could get in touch if I had any problems.’

‘I can’t believe you can select a counsellor and choose an appointment time with a couple of clicks! I’m a very busy person and not having to scroll through directories or wait on a GP referral was such a relief.’

‘Counselling was a massive lifeline for me. I was in a pretty dark place to be honest. Being on benefits doesn’t make life any easier and I can’t thank The Well Being Therapy Centre enough for getting me a concessionary rate.’

‘When I read the Milton Keynes team profiles, I was happy to see experienced counsellors from different racial backgrounds. I’m an Asian woman and this reassured me that I wouldn’t be discriminated against when I approached the agency.’

‘I never thought I would turn to counselling, but last year I suffered a major bereavement. My session each week was like a safety net, and though it wasn’t a quick fix, I do feel more able to get on with my life and look after myself.’

‘Thanks Well Being Therapy Centre! The website is amazing – I got home from my shift at 4am, went online and booked an appointment for 2 days later. I recommend to anyone needing support urgently.’

‘I went for couples counselling with my husband. I can say without any doubt that it saved our marriage.’

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